Cram Week, Due Dates, Advice for upcoming seniors in high school

Hello! Again, I find myself retreating to Scooter’s as comfort coffee, since this week is officially cram week for me. There are scholarship deadlines and ahhh! I feel like there’s so much to do in so little time. I know I should be concentrating on what I can do instead of blogging, but right now, there’s really nothing I can do. So here I am. Poof! 

So I just have a bunch of due dates coming up for scholarships and blah and if I didn’t have to do freaking recommendation letters, this would probably make life this week about two times easier. But I can’t do much about that. I guess sorting things out and figuring out which recommendation goes where and urg. Which is what leads me to my next advice blog!

If you or your son/daughter, grandchild, whatever relation are/is going to be a senior in high school next year, then listen up! As a senior myself, I can tell you that trying to get all the scholarship crap figured out in just a few weeks will not help you at all. I’ve had friends who had sleepless nights just because they were trying to do so many scholarships. On one hand, it’s good to get it done and over with, but on the other hand, dude, you’re losing sleep!!! So here’s some things you can do.

Plan ahead before senior year starts. Think about what colleges you want to apply to. Also, if you want to go or have been accepted to that college, research what scholarships they might have. Look everywhere for scholarships–they’re meant to be frustrating, difficult, pain in the ass (oops, sorry), whatever. But honestly (so people have told me) they’re a great help in the long run. I have another friend who got a 65,000 scholarship to Creighton University. That’s a lot and totally awesome for an expensive school like Creighton!! Planning ahead is a great thing to do.

Another thing: just take a day and work on nothing but college crap and scholarships. It helps you so you won’t keep putting it off (like I kind of did) and gives you a bunch of time to figure out who you can ask for recommendation letters, what scholarship needs transcripts or ACT/SAT scores, and so much more. 

I know, I know, it’s overwhelming, but you’ll get through it. Also, once FAFSA starts up for your year, do it RIGHT THEN. Don’t wait, and if you have to go off taxes from last year, ok fine. I believe you can always edit it later. 

Sort out things in a balanced manner and you’ll be fine :). Don’t cram everything together, because it won’t be fun. Have a wonderful day and I’ll talk about another thing another time! 🙂


Snow Days, Working Out, Health, Stuff

Hey there! If you’re in my area (or any other area that’s gotten hit by the snow storm) then there’s snow EVERYWHERE. It’s wonderful. Basically every school in my town got two snow days because of bad roads and just the slipperyness of snow. So it’s been a weird week for me. I just got done working out in my basement (sort of) because I didn’t really have much to do. I’ve been procrastinating on homework, which I shouldn’t do, but besides that, I wanted to do something that I usually don’t do. So for about 15ish minutes, I was in my basement, jumping around and working out to semi-loud music. Yay!

On that note, working out is important for everyone’s body and keeping it in good health. I’ve been telling myself that I need to follow that New Year’s Resolution of being healthy, but so far, haven’t really been doing a good job because of, well, homework, school, scholarships, work, etc. But I shouldn’t make excuses. A good thing to start getting into shape is to do some sort of short workout every other day. Start with 10 sit ups every other morning before you get ready. Then as you start to get good at it, add another 10, or add on another workout technique like push-ups. It’ll help develop your body and make you stronger and happier. Healthy = happy :).

Another good thing to do is to think about your eating habits. Do you tend to eat a lot of sweets after a meal or nothing at all? What about dessert foods or just your dinner routine in general? One thing you can do is have a fruit to go along with your lunch or dinner, and if you want dessert, have a granola bar or something. Try to pick things out that won’t make your body wanna go kaput. Don’t worry, it’s hard getting into that sort of thing–I’m even having trouble. You tend to see all these great restaurants and fast food places that look awesome. Try to stay away from that and don’t let it pile on you. It takes a wallop to your body and your paycheck.

And don’t lie, we all have those excuses to go out and get something like that to eat. I do too. Like one day, when I had to stay longer at work (which is usually Wednesdays), I wanted to work out that night, so that gave me a “good enough reason” to go buy food at Sam and Louise’s. Yeah…no. I mean, if you’ve been doing great, then sure, go out and buy some juicy hamburgers! But limit yourself!

That’s my little tangent on that. I hope you all have a wonderful snow day and/or weekend! 🙂

Music, YouTube, and Homework. Yay?

Hi there! So it’s Sunday morning and I’ve gotten so distracted from Calc and Psych homework, so here I am! I think it’d be a good day to talk about some awesome music and some new things you could listen to. Here we go!

I think good artists are those who are not as well known. In my opinion, I like a lot of go-with-the-flow music, if that makes sense. Some good artists that I’m currently listening to are Colbie Caillet, Anna Nalick, and Jason Mraz. Their songs are awesome for concentration or if you want to listen to something calm/happy while going on walks or something. There are other artists I like that aren’t too well known that I absolutely love, like Tyler Ward, Tom Law,  Alex G, Chester See, and a lot of others. If you wanna check it out, go ahead! I’m sure you’ll love them all. 🙂

So about the YouTube thing. I’ve been thinking about putting up videos of advice and stuff to go along with this blog, but the last time I had a YouTube account, basically everyone in my class saw it, and it was embarrassing. I was a bit stupid at the time and singing in front of the camera is not the thing for me anymore. It’s a scary thing to put yourself out there, but if you have enough courage and strength, you can do it. Anyone can take that few minutes and take advantage of it positively.

So what do you think? Should I have a YouTube channel for advice and such? Or should I just leave it be? Please comment and tell me! I need support to do it or else I probably won’t do it at all. Mostly because I’m a lazy bum (just kidding haha). 

Well, I better get back to homework. Like I said, if you want me to start up a channel of advice and stuff, then tell me and I’ll see what happens. Any questions or things you need advice on? Tell me! I’m willing to listen 🙂

At Scooter’s Again and Stress and People In General.

Hello all! It’s Valentine’s Day! Ahhh! Unfortunately, no sweetheart for me, I’m a single lady, haha. I thought I had more work to do, so I came to Scooter’s again with my gift card. I got my drink, sat down, made a list of what I’m going to ask my counselor for, and now…I’m stuck. So I decided to just write up another blog entry. Yay! 

So today kind of gave me my topic. A lot people suck. (Sorry for being so blunt). But in truth, they are. There’s a lot of people out there that just don’t give a crap about anything or anyone and think it’s a good thing to be an asshole all the time (oops, kinda let that slip). Sometimes, you just gotta show proper respect to a person, no matter how much of a dick they can be. Sometimes they’ll respond nicely, sometimes they won’t. It just depends on what happens and how you convey your message.

For example, today in JROTC, we were given one simple assignment: to work on our “lesson plans” and expand on them. So, a few of us, including myself, begin working, while some other lazy buttholes decide it’s a good idea to take the time they have and slack off and talk. My opinion on that: not cool and not respectful at all. So, in my position (I’m 3rd in command in the battalion) I decide to calmly ask them to work instead of talk. Some of them (reluctantly) actually tried to start working. Others…not so much, so I decided to just leave it at that. Oh well.

Going to another topic now! Stress is a bad thing for anyone. Well, in some cases, it keeps some people occupied. But in any others, it’s a bad influence. If you stress yourself out too much, you won’t get a good night’s sleep, as well as not enough concentration on your studies or whatever you’re stressed with. Honestly, I need this advice…I’ve gotten it from others since I’m such a worrywart sometimes. If you have a lot of stuff to do, spread it out in little parts throughout the week. Do like two or three things on one day, and maybe the next day do just one thing. It’ll keep your mind in check and you won’t get freaked out as much. Honestly, it does help. I tried it and now I’m getting a lot more happier and relaxed. That was my New Year’s Resolution after all! 🙂

Well, that’s mostly it for now. Since I’m lazy and I like Scooter’s, I’m going to stay here and go on Tumblr. Have questions? Ask me! 🙂 See ya later!

I’m sorry I’ve been gone!!!! Hello!!!

I’m back after being gone for like three weeks! I’m so sorry! I’ve been busy with crap like homework, school, social life, JROTC competitions, scholarships, and UGH. But now I’m back. I will try my best to blog more and give you guys advice and all that fun stuff! If you’d like me to give advice on something, just message me or something like that! I’d be more than glad to help out:).

So I’m currently at Scooter’s right now and I’m just a happy person. I finished two essays for scholarships and tried getting farther in the story I’m writing. Goodness me, just being happy is a great thing. It makes life better guys! Really! 

I’ve been lazy. A lot. It’s gotten bad. It’s going to get worse after March 15 because that’s when most of the scholarships are due and yeah! I’m about to go to work soon, since I usually go there by 3:25 and it is…2:47. AK! But yeah. You guys and I have to remember that happiness and NOT stressing out is how you enjoy life, ‘kay? Don’t stress out over stuff so much, you’ll give yourself zits and gray hairs and those things are not good! 

That’s my little schpeal on that. Like I said, have anything you want me to talk about? I’d love to help. It’s what I like to do most. Thanks a bunch and I’ll vent more later! 🙂

12 of February 2013. About 3 months until I’m done with high school. I’m a happy penguin and you should be too. Here’s a wonderful picture! 🙂Image