Keeping Your Studies Organized and Surviving Allergy Season

So, after spending time doing so much Calc and Psych homework, I thought of the idea to write up a post on how to keep your school stuff organized. Basically, how I see it, the more organized you are, the better you’ll study and the better you’ll learn. If you keep having a messy style with your school studies and homework, it’s going to become very difficult for you to keep up with anything. 

What I like to do when finished with a unit in a certain class, mostly Psychology, is type up my notes. When writing notes in class, some peers and I have to write quick or else we’ll never get our notes done before the teacher moves to the next slide. So I figured out a way to solve it, which also helps me study for big tests over that certain section. I type up my notes on a word document as I go through the whole unit. When I type it out, I can see my notes so much more clearly and leave out parts that were just meant as mini activities. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Never throw away your homework or notes until the whole year is over. This can be a hassle and make you feel like such a hoarder, but it helps. It’ll give you something to review over and just in case your teacher wants to look over it, you have it right there. Once the year is over and you don’t have any other class that might relate to it, then you can throw it in a bonfire and yell to the sky “I’M DONE!” 🙂

Another thing is to keep all your classes in each of their own notebook and/or folder. I don’t know how kids got into it, but they think they can keep up by putting two or three subjects in one notebook. No, that doesn’t work. I haven’t tried it at all, but I know that it’ll only make things more confusing for you and you won’t be organized and not really prepared.

If you want to (although it may be more work), you can take your notes, and once you get home, put them in another notebook in neater hand writing. This is just in case you have things crossed off that you wish you didn’t have or if you have doodles everywhere that are distracting and seem messy to you. I don’t know too many people that actually do this, but that’s just an idea.


On another note: surviving this season with allergies and blah. I know it seems horrible and just a waste of time on your taste buds, take allergy medicine before anything happens. I just took some and I actually feel slightly better. You should take this medicine once or twice a day to keep allergies away. Another thing that’ll help is fluids and healthy stuff. Whenever I’m sick or feel something coming on, I drink orange juice that’ll stimulate my system and protect my body from flu or just avoid getting allergy crap. 

That’s my little schpeal on that. Hope this helped!


Spring Break, When You Have Nothing To Do, Exhaustion

Hello! So it’s been kind of an exhausting spring break. You’d think I’d get some relief but long story short, had some family concerns and I don’t deal with it too well. Meaning I cut off my emotions whenever in stressful/worrisome situations with the family. That was basically part of my spring break. But no worries, everything’s better!

Well, how to deal with life when you run out of things to do. First, I’d start off with making a list (either in your head or on paper) of things within reach that you’ve been wanting to do. For example, if you’ve been wanting to take more pictures or get into photography. Take your camera, your iPhone, your whatever, and start picture taking. They don’t have to be good, but it’s something to spend time doing. Another thing you can do is go on walks to collect your thoughts. Walks often help me sort myself out so I’m not stressing so much. One more is reading. You can never have too much reading, unless the book you have is hard to concentrate on.

Or simply saying, if you need to catch up on sleep, then sleep for goodness sake! 🙂

This is a short post, but I have to go to work in a few minutes. And my mind is kinda frazzled right now with dorm housing contracts and homework (over spring break, ugh) and just overall trying to relax. I’ll talk more later!

New healthy foods, judging, and personal views

So, yet again, there’s a snow day. I’ve gotten to sleep in and do some grocery shopping and all sorts of fun stuff. Now I’m drinking V8 fusion and lazing about in my favorite pajama pants. Yay:)

First I want to talk about the deeper stuff: yeah, judging and personal views. When I say judging, I mean us and everyone else in general. We can’t stop people from judging us and we can’t stop judging either. It’s a part of who we are. If we see someone with their pants hanging at their knees or a stick of tobacco in their mouth, we’re going to judge negatively. It’s how we relate ourselves to the public by thinking how things should be in our own way. No one can handle judging, so don’t be one of those people that says “I don’t judge” because at some point in our life, we’ve all judged one another.

Another thing that breaks off that topic is our personal views of ourselves. At least once in our life, we’ve wondered if the things we’re wearing or how we’re looking today will appeal to the public eye. In reality, we’re not the only ones who do that, everyone else does it too. Don’t freak out about a new zit, because more than likely, in a huge public area, no one’s going to care to notice. Sometimes, we obsess with what kind of outfit people will react to, if they do. Will they like what I’m wearing or say that’s so “insert derogatory word here”? If we keep looking at ourselves like that, we won’t reach our own personal potential.

For example, today I was going to go grocery shopping with my mum. I was in my favorite pajama pants and a black t-shirt that has a zombie face on it. At first, I judged myself, asking if I should wear something like that out in public. Then I realized…who’s going to care? Sure my pajama pants say “Jack Daniel’s Whisky”, but who’s going to come straight up to me and say “Oh, you’re too underage to be wearing that”? I, as well as all of you, need to realize that finding ourselves is doing things for ourselves, not for the benefit of other people. Don’t try to impress someone else by doing something that’s not like you. It’s ok to try new things, but don’t go so far as to worry how someone will think. Wear what you like.

Remember: You. Are. Gorgeous. As. You. Are. Nothing more, nothing less 🙂

On to a new topic! Healthy foods. A good thing to eat before a meal is yogurt (I got that one from the Today Show this morning 😉 ). In general, yogurt is a good thing to eat besides snagging a candy bar. Another thing is V8 fusion. AH, I’m so obsessed with that stuff right now. It’s so good tasting AND it’s healthy. You don’t find too much stuff like that. Try eating things with less fat or just less meat. If you’re having like five burgers or steaks or whatever in like a week, you’ve got a problem hun. I used to do that when I had my first job and that wasn’t a good idea. It takes out your energy A LOT and doesn’t make you feel to good afterwards. I’m not saying to go all vegan or vegetarian or whatever, just cut down on the fatty foods and go for healthy stuff. Yay:)

That’s mostly all I have to say. Again, I’m going to bring up this topic and I need support guys. I’m thinking about starting a YouTube Channel that has me talking about these types of things. You know, like giving advice, ranting in general (haha), and just other fun stuff. Please tell me if I should or not! I won’t do it unless you help support me and tell me I should! I’m a lazy butt, and I know I have to do more stuff, so tell me what you think? Have questions on a certain topic? I’m open to answer.

Have a wonderful week 🙂