Getting Rid of/Covering Zits and I’m Graduating!

Hello all! Sorry I haven’t typed a blog in a while, things have been a bit hectic this May. My high school graduation ceremony is tomorrow and I’m super excited! Aghhh!! Since I haven’t come here in a while, I thought I’d talk about taking care of pesty zits. Currently, I have them too and they mostly appear on my chin and around parts of my forehead. Here we go!

I use a certain pimple treatment called Oxy Acne Medication, which is a wet alcohol-like pad that cleanses my face. Note to self – if you have an open pimple, like you picked at it or something, don’t rub it with the Oxy pad…it stings. I usually use it after I get out of the shower.

Another thing I also started doing (whether I have my Oxy pads or not) is putting lotion on my face. I just use any kind of lotion, really–I like the lotion that smells good 🙂 I dab certain parts of my face with the lotion: my cheeks, chin (all the time, urg), nose, and forehead.

I’d say a good routine to get into is to put on the lotion twice a day. Now that I don’t have school anymore, at least until the fall, I’ve been putting on lotion before I go to bed and before I go to work. You can pick any time of the day you want though. It makes your skin soft and such 🙂

And also, try not to stress out about too much. I’ve learned that the more you stress, the more likely you’ll get a zit within the next day. And try not to touch your face so much either. Who knows what kind of sweat and oil you have on your fingers that could damage your pores?

If you have a pimple that shows up, keep using the products I suggested. If it’s there and you’re going out somewhere, put a light coat of cover up makeup on (emphasis on light). Don’t douse your whole face in makeup, I think that’s kind of a waste of time and not too good on your skin. What I like to do is put on a liquid cover up, then dab the area with a powder. Although it can still show some redness and evidence of having said zit, it still covers it up. 

That’s my advice on that. And don’t worry, pimples and crap happen to almost everyone. As long as you don’t stress out and treat your face right, you’ll do just fine 🙂 thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


I Dare You…

Here’s something that gave me an idea. It’s kind of a dare, but it’ll help for us to communicate more on a personable level than through our cell phones.

Each person at the dinner table at a restaurant must put their cellphone in the middle of the table. Whoever grabs theirs first (from such the killing need to use it) needs to pay the entire bill for everyone. Today, a lot of us tend to not talk to each other like people, but instead we stare into our phones like they’re books. Take time to enjoy what community you have, take advantage of it, because you never know when you’ll talk on a personable level to anyone. 

Have a wonderful day 🙂