Practicing Music

For practicing music, I think it’s better to practice your sheet music in small sections. Trying to play everything all at once equals frustration and a headache. So here are just a few tips!

Section off your music with a pencil. Depending on the flow of the music, it’s sometimes good to have even sections. But sometimes, the certain structure of the piece can be difficult, so if the section you practice is one measure, that’s totally ok.

Start at a slow pace. Slower than the music tells you. Starting right on tempo only creates mistakes that you could keep into habit in the long run. Start your first section slow and keep repeating it until it flows. Then go onto the next section.

Quality better than quantity is what someone told me once. It’s better if you get a piece or two worked on in an hour than only worked on one little thing in four hours. Sitting in a practice room or with your desired instrument and staring at your music for hours won’t get you anything.

Use a metronome. It helps, I promise. You can find a free one on your smart phone (if you have a smartphone).

Most of all, have fun with it. Music isn’t any fun if you just sit up straight and play through a piece. Have some emotion in it. Play with the piece. Make mistakes. It’s all about the experience 🙂


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