Time Management?

Hey there! It’s been a while, (Sorry!), but I’m back! Things have been kind of busy and things have changed a lot! (kind of)
Because of the “less stress” I’ve been giving myself lately, I thought of an advice thing! Time management and all that jazz.

First, the main rule should be to NOT overload yourself. I’ve done it before–it’s not fun. I think that I’m going to do so many things and get super involved to just work all the time. No, don’t do that. It’s stressful and it can wear out your body. Make sure the things you’re signing on for (whether it’s classes, work hours, or hobbies) coincide comfortably with your relaxation time.

Second, when a due date or important event that you need to remember comes up, write it down or record it on your phone! I know times where I say stuff like “Oh, I’ll remember to do that!”. More than likely, I dig a hole for myself when I do that and miss out on certain things (mainly outside class help, homework, or out-of-the-blue work/service stuff).
It’s important to get things done in a timely manner rather than wait the night before to get it done. I did that with a composition assignment. I got it done, but under time pressure, it wasn’t to the potential I wanted.

This brings up the third point to outline your work in small portions. For example, let’s say you have a book assignment, a summary paper due Monday, and an online discussion all due the following Monday. Rather than wait Sunday before to get all of that done, get each assignment done on certain days. Cut out an hour on a Wednesday to do the summary. Find a few minutes in your internet surfing on Thursday to finish up that online discussion. Doing things little bits at a time is so so much better than cramming it all in the night before.

If you happen to come into a time conflict, find which one can be put off for another day. I tend to do this with certain activities and school events. Sometimes martial arts, church, and school coincide too much with each other and I have to decide what’s healthiest for me to drop for a day so I can concentrate more on the things needed to be done.

When you manage all these accordingly, it can be a real stress reliever (no stress acne!). This will help you for the better both in your health and in your social/work life. I hope these tips have done some good for you.

If you have any questions for me, just ask! I’m happy to help!