Don’t Let People Get to You

More than likely, people have been mad at you, irritated at you, or you’ve thought that you did another person wrong. Well, even though it’s easier said than done, don’t let it get to you. Half the time, the person who just snapped at you has probably already had a rough day or something’s come up that really pushed their buttons. Even if you did make this person irritated or mad, you have two choices:

You can resolve it by talking it out with them or you can leave them be.

Of course, if you seriously made them mad and you know you did and you know it’s your fault, it’s simple: apologize. Talk it out. Don’t let things simmer and grow and turn into a big blow out. I’ve had enough experience from my first year in college that you either have to not care or you need to communicate in order to make things right. 

If you’re like me and if someone’s mad about the simplest thing and you feel horrible, don’t feel bad. 

(sorry, little side note: my speech professor just hid behind the smart board and acted like the Great Oz….)

Anyways, you just got leave people be sometimes. It’s not always your fault, so don’t feel like it is. Things happen and you gotta put it behind you. Concentrate on your own needs and wants and stress or whatever you’re going through.



Study Habits to Work Into Your Life Routine

Hey guys! I know a lot of us who are students absolutely dread just the thought of studying. But I came across some interesting ideas and thought of a few of my own for helping you study. I’m still trying to work them into my own routine/schedule, but due to me not feeling well, having the energy to do that has been kind of down the drain. 

1. Exercise in between

This is good for keeping your body and mind healthy. If you have a book/textbook you’re reading or writing a study guide or something of the sort, create a system that involves a form of exercise. Read about 3-4 pages, then get up and do 25 pushups/25 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Sit down, read another couple of pages, and start a new exercise. This should keep you rolling for a good hour or two 🙂 If you don’t want to do that, just walking around your room/apartment/house whilst reading is good too. Just don’t run into the walls!

2. Color coordinate your notes/rewrite your notes

This is something I do for my Music History I class. I have a notebook that I bring to class for notes and (luckily) my professor posts his PowerPoint slides online. When the week is over, I look over the slides we went through and rewrite my notes in a separate notebook. Then I highlight important things in certain colors. For example, I highlight names of people in green, terms in orange, and names of books/texts in pink. Every time there’s a new chapter, I start a new page in the notebook. 

3. Listen to inspirational music

If you like a calmer environment to study in, I suggest piano or acoustic guitar music. A good YouTube channel that has music specifically for studying is the Study Music Project. He does a great job creating piano music and I think he’s a medical student too! 🙂 If you’re more of a person that likes to listen to fast paced, loud music, I suggest rock music that you can totally jam to! I’ve been listening to a lot of piano music, but also music that makes me feel like I’m in a movie (for example, Quintessence from the OST The Secret Life of Walter Mitty).

4. Friends

If you have a specific friend that’s good in your subject of study, ask him/her for help! If you have a big test coming up, it’s better to work with the people/friends in your class so you can gather your thoughts together. But don’t get distracted!

5. Drink what you like

If coffee helps you concentrate, drink your favorite drink! If you don’t have a specific favorite, tea or water always helps. It’s healthy and it should help you concentrate a little better than super sugary drinks.

6. Pace Yourself

It’s not healthy to go on and on for hours and hours on the same subject. You won’t retain as much and you’ll waste time. Pick a time interval where you can take breaks. Maybe every 20-30 minutes. Walk around a bit and go through in your head what you remember from your studying.

7. And overall, DON’T STRESS, YOU’LL DO GREAT :))

I got a lot of these tips from Bonneiver’s Studying Tips. I refer to this a lot for help with studying. I wish you luck on whatever you’re studying and I’m sure you’ll do great on your quiz/exam/final/paper/whatever you’re doing.

Have a good night guys! 🙂 

About to start school, thinking about making a Youtube channel, paying for books…

Hi there!

Hope you’re keeping warm. It’s been on and off with horrid cold weather. On Monday, it was about -4 degrees with a -35 degree wind chill. Luckily, I didn’t have school. I start school this next coming Monday. 🙂

I’m still getting used to this blog, even though it’s already been almost a year since I’ve used it! I appreciate all of you that have started following me and now, I need some advice from you! Inspired to get out of my comfort zone and by certain Youtube channels, I’m thinking of starting my own channel! It’ll have advice, some ranting, telling you how I’m doing and ask you for questions that you’d rather hear from my voice instead of reading on a blog. If I do start one, I will still have this wordpress blog up 🙂

Please tell me your thoughts! I like to hear advice as well as giving it! 

Here’s a good tip about books for school (if you’re in college): barnes and noble has good deals right now for buying books. One of my books, which I though was going to be like 100 dollars, was actually only 70! They have awesome deals and trust me, used books aren’t that bad. I got one of my used books from my university bookstore and oh my days, it looks brand new! Amazon sometimes has good deals and I’ve heard Chegg is good? I’ve never used Chegg, so I’m not a good reference about that website.

Hope you enjoy your day! 🙂

Olympic Survey From Carrots’N’Cake

Chocolate Covered Race Medals

Hello again everyone! Are you over the hump yet where you’re at?

Zach and I have a fun date planned for the evening, so I thought I’d have a survey set up for you all that I found on Tina’s page (  She’s basically the mother of healthy living blogging, so I’m sure you are familiar with her.  But if you aren’t, be sure to check her out!

What do you do regularly to feel good about your body?









Running is my wonder drug.   For me, it can make a bad day magically turn around, and only improves the already good days.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that running is always easy — heck no.  It’s tough!  But that’s just one of the many reasons I love it.

Have you ever taken part in a fad diet or workout?

I have all kinds of…

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Happy 2014!

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! 🙂

It’s been a while, I know, but with the first semester of college, it’s been sort of hectic. But hey, ONE SEMESTER IS DOWN, YES!

Do you guys have any new years resolutions? I know I do…I’m gonna make sure this year is better than last year! And you should too! Go forth with your resolutions better than you did last year! And if you didn’t make any resolutions last year or this coming year, go ahead and jot some down. It always helps to have goals for the new year…make yourself a better person. That’s my goal: being healthier and happier.

Here’s a few of mine:

Workout at least twice a week (regular workout or martial arts), update my makeup a bit, organize anything and everything (I’m moving back home next fall, so yeah…), write everything neatly, be more social, etc.

I’m determined to make a difference this year. I don’t want to be just an average person. What are your guys’ resolutions? I know you can do it. I believe in all of you to live up to your goals and exceed your expectations. I have good feelings about this year way more than last year I think! This post will probably be pretty short, but I thought I’d just wish you a happy new year and wish you luck on your goals. 

I hope your year goes well! Have an awesome week! 🙂

Note/Advice on Judging Others, from personal experience

I’m not smart. I don’t know exactly where the dishes go in the dish washer and I don’t know much about politics or government. I didn’t get a high ACT score like everyone else in high school nor did I get any special scholarship. I want to do a lot of things, but I’m constantly distracted by school, people, and laziness. I become quiet when I can’t find anything to talk about with someone that I’ve been around for only a few months (personal dorm problems).

I’m not the prettiest person, nor am I the smartest, or even the kindest. 

We try so hard to become a person we strive to be, but many things hold us back. We’re pressured by anxiety, or the judgmental views of society, or how we’ll be seen when we wear sweatpants or the same t-shirt three days in a row. We’ve slowly grown into a society that judges by how we look or what our place was in high school. Were we smart? Or were we not so smart? Were we nicknamed druggies? Were we nicknamed sluts or inexperienced? Or were we someone that was just trying to find our place in the world? 

We need to start forming into a society that will accept someone for who they are or what mistakes they made to get to the better them. We need to stop judging someone just by how they look or how smart they seem to be or what sexuality they are, or whatever else. 

It’s ok to be hanging out with someone and silence fills the gap. If there’s nothing to say, there’s nothing to say. Learn to enjoy the silence of just being in the same space as someone. It’s ok to be awkward in any situation. It’s ok not to know where the cups go in the dishwasher or what the density of a car is. There’s a lot of things we don’t know, whether it’s common sense in someone else’s eyes or not. If it’s not common sense to us, then it’s not common sense. We learn and move on. 

There’s a lot of things that make us feel inferior or dumb, but it’s all a learning experience that we need to just take in and walk in stride with it. This was just something I thought would be encouraging to all and I hope it did encourage you. If you ever need advice on anything, you let me know. Let your friends know. 

Choose Your Own Lifestyle, Not Someone Else’s

Hey there all! So it’s freezing cold here in my town, but it’s not surprising since weather here is very bipolar. This week is supposed to be in the 70’s, but right now, it’s 47 F. Anyways, enough weather small talk. Hope all is well in your guys’ area! 🙂

So I realized something this weekend that I haven’t gotten a chance to put into words on this blog. If you want to have an organized life, then you should choose a style that works for you. In clothing, styles, little habits or regular day by day things, anything and everything. I’m currently in the process of trying to find my own personal lifestyle. For example, I’ve realized that I’m very much like a tomboy. I’ve tried so many styles throughout my life, but the only thing that seems to fit me is the tomboy style. I don’t usually dress like a girl, at least not very often. I’m very plain and simple. 

Choose something that works for you. Maybe you like to wear dresses and skirts all the time. Maybe jeans is your thing. Sometimes sweatpants all the way. Depends on what makes you most comfortable. After you’ve chosen what style fits you, think about some of your daily routines. Think about food that makes you feel good or what makes your body healthy. Now turn that into a habit and don’t stray from it. 

I believe that if you’re organized in your own way, your mind will be at ease. Busy weeks will become smooth and you’ll take care of everything easily without a thought, because you stayed true to yourself and to your habits and style. I’ve said this before, but don’t be like everyone else. Sure, you might be similar to someone, but choose something that’ll make you happy, not what might make you accepted to a certain social group. If we all did this, we could all get along just a little better and there wouldn’t be so much drama of who’s the copycat or who’s sticking to their friends like glue because they want to be just like them. Do you see what I’m saying?

Just have fun with the life you have. Choose something right for you that’ll make you happy 🙂