Just what’s up. No new advice today.

So…I’ve been sick. UGH. This morning, I was perfectly fine, and now…I’m sick. It. Sucks. I hate it, and I don’t know if I’m going to school tomorrow. I was planning on doing an advice blog today, but now I’m lazy, I can’t breathe through my nose, I want to eat, and yeah…I hope you all aren’t sick! If you are, get better! I’m in the same boat!

January 23, 2013 – day 4, Paige P. 🙂


Clothing Options, Doing What You Do Best, and What’s Going On

It’s Day 3, the 15th of January 2013! 🙂

Well, it’s been kind of a hectic weekend and week for me. My internet’s been down because service companies can be stupid and say they fix stuff when sometimes they don’t. Derps. I’ve also been preparing for my demonstration almost non-stop, so right now…my legs are like iron. I almost fell down the stairs at school because my legs hurt so bad. It’s hard to stand and sit down, it’s also hard to run. So, yeah, that’s not very fun, but the demo will be worth it:). I’ve also got a drill/color guard competition this Saturday, so me and a lot of other people are prepping for that. Getting up early = lazy Paige. UGH. That’s mainly it though…soreness, homework, working out, and JROTC. Blah to the max.

Alright, back on track. I started thinking about style and clothes and stuff like that, so I decided…BLOG TIME! 😀 If you do have time, you should figure out what kind of colors suit you best. For me, I like the cooler colors like blue, green, sometimes purple, but it’s also ok to have other colors on some occasions. One day I wore pink to school (GASP SHOCKING–since I usually never do that. And I don’t like pink. Or dresses). If you have a favorite pair of jeans, figure out what kind of styles you can mix match with them. Sometimes varying sizes of shirts help. You could have a giant sweatshirt and jeans one day and another have a “your size” t-shirt with jeans and an awesome belt to put it together. 

Clothing is all up to you. You can get ideas from friends and such, but your style is all about YOU. It can reflect how you’re feeling that day or it can reflect your personality in general. You decide. What you probably shouldn’t do (which is my bad habit) is if you’re out shopping with a friend or something that’s a TOTAL opposite of you, try not to buy something that’s similar to their style. I know it sounds like a kind of stupid tip, but it makes sense in some cases. Buy clothes that suit you best, not what suit general society. BE A UNIQUE PENGUIN.

Another thing I’d like to talk about quick is doing what you do best. It kind of ties in with the whole clothing thing. Part of being a unique person is doing what you do best. Copying what society does won’t make you any different from the girl or boy next door–you’ll just be another cookie in the batch. Take some time to think about the things you like to do and make something out of it. You will have some similarities with everyone; we can’t handle that. But figuring out what you like to do and making something out of it will make you a better person. (the positive things! like hobbies! not negative things! ah, i just realized that!)

That’s my little say on that. Well, I should go, I have calculus homework to do. UGH. I don’t want to do it. I’m lazy. AGAIN. Have a wonderful week and I’ll try to write again in the next few days! 🙂


Relaxation Tips/Ideas and What’s Happening

Today is the 13th of January 2013. Day 2!

Today is also the first tip/idea/advice giving post of this blog! I’m going to give you guys ideas on how to relax and what you should do with ANY kind of free time you have. I finished homework that’s due this week (that I know of anyway) so I’m relaxing and I thought of this idea! So here we go!

If you have nothing to do, try reorganizing things. For example, you could reorganize your closet, your room, or parts of your house/apartment you’ve been just DYING to take care of, but never had the time. If you have a TV show that you’ve wanted to watch for the past few weeks, grab a cup of hot chocolate or hot apple cider, a huge blanket to curl up in, and lay in bed–watch that favorite show:). Another thing you could do is write about anything and everything, kind of like what I do. You could also draw, take pictures (I always try to do that), work out, play an instrument…there’s so much you can do, that the list can go on forever.

Outfits for relaxation…I suggest a pair of your favorite yoga pants or sweat pants and a tank top. If you’re cold, find a giant sweater you love to wear. You could also wear a pair of leggings and shorts with a sports bra. Dudes, if you’re reading this, I suggest sweatpants and if you just hate wearing a shirt, then don’t wear one. 

Whenever I’m relaxing, I like to make food or eat junk. Like today, I’m probably going to make chocolate covered cinnamon buns. Let me tell ya, they. are. amazing.

Ok, a little off topic from the tips and stuff, I’ll tell you what’s been going on. I’ve been a bit busy with school and homework and scholarships and other bull that I haven’t been blogging! Ah! So, I have to get on top of things. I worked out today, mostly because I have a demo coming up, and I needed to, even though I’m slightly under the weather. But I’m a-ok. 🙂 I had to miss work a couple times last week because of a dentist appointment and a color guard I had to perform. So, less pay for Paige. :/ Oh well, that’s ok. 

I just thought of something else you could do! You can go through your clothes, pick your favorites, and try on different styles. See which one fits you best :). I know I need to do that…I’m such a tomboy though, that sometimes I just don’t care.

Well blah, that’s kind of what I have right now. I had a friend of mine give me some ideas and I’ve been forming some of my own. I’ll credit whoever gives me such ideas. Well, I’ll talk later. Have a totally wonderful week! RELAX 😀


Hello all!

Why hello! This is the first post on this blog thing I decided to start. Let me tell you what it’s about! 

I want to give all who read this advice on anything and everything. If I can make someone’s life a little bit better, then that makes me smile. You’ve been blessed with life, so enjoy it to the potential you want it! Set goals and do whatever! It’s your life! 🙂

Also, I’ll be just venting about my life in general as well. What’s been going on, ups and downs, successes or failures, whatever happens, happens. I’ll be asking some friends of mine what topics I can elaborate on, and if you have something for me, just ask! I’ll be more than happy to help.

I’ll be giving tips of my views and what you can do to better your lifestyle. I’ve been trying to get into a lot of things and even made a whole bucket list. And I’m still not done! I will try to post either every other day or once a week, just to check up and say hello. I hope you enjoy reading! I really want to put time into this and make sure it’s totally awesome.

My name is Paige. This is Day 1 of my blogging and it’s the 5th of January 2013. Let’s hope this works. 🙂