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Dating Tips?

Dating is a tricky topic (in my personal opinion). I was just asked out on a date by someone from my university and so…I panicked, telling him I’d think about it! Here’s some things to think about for dating:

1. don’t “settle”. Settling for whatever isn’t the way to go. It definitely won’t make you happy.

2. As my father has told me, “Don’t date just to date”. 

3. If hitting out of anger is involved, GET OUT of the relationship

4. It’s ok to be picky. It’s how you figure out who’s right for you.

5. common sense, man. 

Think about what you want and just go with the flow. If something happens, great! If something doesn’t happen, then wait. Patience is the best thing and can sometimes have the best outcome. I’m not good at dating tips, but that’s what I think about when it comes to dating. 🙂