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Music Recommendations for Studying or Writing!

I know so many people who study with music or some sort of white noise on. But most of the time, it’s distracting, and not much productivity happens with it. So I have a few recommendations! Whether you have a huge exam tomorrow, a 20 paged paper, or need inspiration to get started on a novel.

1. Piano music

Piano music is my favvvvv. And it’s a great “background music” kind of sound. I recommend pieces by both modern and classical artists like Ludovico Einaudi (his Divenire or Primavera), Brahms (his Intermezzo Op. 118), and a youtube channel that has a bunch of originally composed piano pieces made for studying called the Study Music Project. He has a lot of good stuff!

2. Movie Soundtrack music

Movie Soundtrack music is the best because it doesn’t have words. My most recent favorites have been Unlocking the Mind from the movie The Theory of Everything and Inception’s Time. Some good artists of soundtrack music are Hans Zimmer and Johannes Johansson.

3. Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

Nothing is more soothing than the sound of quiet guitar in the background. It’s helped my study sessions and chores a lot easier to do. I haven’t listened to too many in a while, but a simple search in Youtube will help you find tons of good artists.

The main thing is, listening to music with words or having the TV on full blast doesn’t really help the productivity (if it DOES help you, great!). In case you needed some ideas, here ya go! Good luck!


Study Habits to Work Into Your Life Routine

Hey guys! I know a lot of us who are students absolutely dread just the thought of studying. But I came across some interesting ideas and thought of a few of my own for helping you study. I’m still trying to work them into my own routine/schedule, but due to me not feeling well, having the energy to do that has been kind of down the drain. 

1. Exercise in between

This is good for keeping your body and mind healthy. If you have a book/textbook you’re reading or writing a study guide or something of the sort, create a system that involves a form of exercise. Read about 3-4 pages, then get up and do 25 pushups/25 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing. Sit down, read another couple of pages, and start a new exercise. This should keep you rolling for a good hour or two 🙂 If you don’t want to do that, just walking around your room/apartment/house whilst reading is good too. Just don’t run into the walls!

2. Color coordinate your notes/rewrite your notes

This is something I do for my Music History I class. I have a notebook that I bring to class for notes and (luckily) my professor posts his PowerPoint slides online. When the week is over, I look over the slides we went through and rewrite my notes in a separate notebook. Then I highlight important things in certain colors. For example, I highlight names of people in green, terms in orange, and names of books/texts in pink. Every time there’s a new chapter, I start a new page in the notebook. 

3. Listen to inspirational music

If you like a calmer environment to study in, I suggest piano or acoustic guitar music. A good YouTube channel that has music specifically for studying is the Study Music Project. He does a great job creating piano music and I think he’s a medical student too! 🙂 If you’re more of a person that likes to listen to fast paced, loud music, I suggest rock music that you can totally jam to! I’ve been listening to a lot of piano music, but also music that makes me feel like I’m in a movie (for example, Quintessence from the OST The Secret Life of Walter Mitty).

4. Friends

If you have a specific friend that’s good in your subject of study, ask him/her for help! If you have a big test coming up, it’s better to work with the people/friends in your class so you can gather your thoughts together. But don’t get distracted!

5. Drink what you like

If coffee helps you concentrate, drink your favorite drink! If you don’t have a specific favorite, tea or water always helps. It’s healthy and it should help you concentrate a little better than super sugary drinks.

6. Pace Yourself

It’s not healthy to go on and on for hours and hours on the same subject. You won’t retain as much and you’ll waste time. Pick a time interval where you can take breaks. Maybe every 20-30 minutes. Walk around a bit and go through in your head what you remember from your studying.

7. And overall, DON’T STRESS, YOU’LL DO GREAT :))

I got a lot of these tips from Bonneiver’s Studying Tips. I refer to this a lot for help with studying. I wish you luck on whatever you’re studying and I’m sure you’ll do great on your quiz/exam/final/paper/whatever you’re doing.

Have a good night guys! 🙂 

Keeping Your Studies Organized and Surviving Allergy Season

So, after spending time doing so much Calc and Psych homework, I thought of the idea to write up a post on how to keep your school stuff organized. Basically, how I see it, the more organized you are, the better you’ll study and the better you’ll learn. If you keep having a messy style with your school studies and homework, it’s going to become very difficult for you to keep up with anything. 

What I like to do when finished with a unit in a certain class, mostly Psychology, is type up my notes. When writing notes in class, some peers and I have to write quick or else we’ll never get our notes done before the teacher moves to the next slide. So I figured out a way to solve it, which also helps me study for big tests over that certain section. I type up my notes on a word document as I go through the whole unit. When I type it out, I can see my notes so much more clearly and leave out parts that were just meant as mini activities. It’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Never throw away your homework or notes until the whole year is over. This can be a hassle and make you feel like such a hoarder, but it helps. It’ll give you something to review over and just in case your teacher wants to look over it, you have it right there. Once the year is over and you don’t have any other class that might relate to it, then you can throw it in a bonfire and yell to the sky “I’M DONE!” 🙂

Another thing is to keep all your classes in each of their own notebook and/or folder. I don’t know how kids got into it, but they think they can keep up by putting two or three subjects in one notebook. No, that doesn’t work. I haven’t tried it at all, but I know that it’ll only make things more confusing for you and you won’t be organized and not really prepared.

If you want to (although it may be more work), you can take your notes, and once you get home, put them in another notebook in neater hand writing. This is just in case you have things crossed off that you wish you didn’t have or if you have doodles everywhere that are distracting and seem messy to you. I don’t know too many people that actually do this, but that’s just an idea.


On another note: surviving this season with allergies and blah. I know it seems horrible and just a waste of time on your taste buds, take allergy medicine before anything happens. I just took some and I actually feel slightly better. You should take this medicine once or twice a day to keep allergies away. Another thing that’ll help is fluids and healthy stuff. Whenever I’m sick or feel something coming on, I drink orange juice that’ll stimulate my system and protect my body from flu or just avoid getting allergy crap. 

That’s my little schpeal on that. Hope this helped!