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Music Recommendations for Studying or Writing!

I know so many people who study with music or some sort of white noise on. But most of the time, it’s distracting, and not much productivity happens with it. So I have a few recommendations! Whether you have a huge exam tomorrow, a 20 paged paper, or need inspiration to get started on a novel.

1. Piano music

Piano music is my favvvvv. And it’s a great “background music” kind of sound. I recommend pieces by both modern and classical artists like Ludovico Einaudi (his Divenire or Primavera), Brahms (his Intermezzo Op. 118), and a youtube channel that has a bunch of originally composed piano pieces made for studying called the Study Music Project. He has a lot of good stuff!

2. Movie Soundtrack music

Movie Soundtrack music is the best because it doesn’t have words. My most recent favorites have been Unlocking the Mind from the movie The Theory of Everything and Inception’s Time. Some good artists of soundtrack music are Hans Zimmer and Johannes Johansson.

3. Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

Nothing is more soothing than the sound of quiet guitar in the background. It’s helped my study sessions and chores a lot easier to do. I haven’t listened to too many in a while, but a simple search in Youtube will help you find tons of good artists.

The main thing is, listening to music with words or having the TV on full blast doesn’t really help the productivity (if it DOES help you, great!). In case you needed some ideas, here ya go! Good luck!


De-Stress Options After Finals!

Hi! It’s been a while! Since I’ve been here, I’ve moved out of the dorm and back home and I’ve been busy with remodeling my room/cleaning it up, plus homework/finals. So I thought…how about some options to relax after finals are done?! I mean, all of us have our brains stuffed with information, ready to write onto our final exams and now, after all that, we can relax our brains from the stress and do something fun!!!

So here’s a few things to think about doing:

  • Going to the zoo
  • painting/drawing anything you want
  • writing some stories
  • cleaning up your room/living space
  • taking a long bath/shower
  • buying your favorite foods
  • going on a walk/biking
  • taking a nap
  • hang out with friends and/or talk with your family about anything

Just don’t do drugs or drink underage 🙂 that’s not cool. Binge drink on coffee or tea or something. But the main thing is, after finals, give yourself some relaxation time before doing anything else!